Export Calendar 2021


Winter / Spring 2021

Updated list on exports from Iceland:

Spring schedule:

Flights to Liege, Belgium:

  • From January 2021 and forward there are planned flights for Liege every Monday and every Wednesday.
    Monday 25th of Jan., Wednesday 27th of Jan. Monday 1st of Feb., Wednesday 3rd of Feb., and so on.

  • Flights to Liege with transport to Kolding will be on the following dates (Confirmed):

Wednesday 27th of Jan.

Wednesday 10th of Feb.

Wednesday 21st of April.

(List of Kolding transport will be updated regularly)

Flights planned for JFK, USA:  

  • Saturday 30th of Jan.

  • May (further info to follow)

Flights to Norrköping, Sweden (confirmed):

  • Friday 12th of Feb.

  • Friday 9th of April.

  • Friday 21st of May